What is Coach House Kids?

Coach House Kids is an independent retailer of gently used children's clothing in Orillia, Ontario. We offer free local delivery in the Orillia area on orders over $20. Not sure if you will qualify? Contact us!

What clothing do you buy?

We will buy children's clothing in sizes NB to Size 10. We pay out for clothing in good condition. We will accept clothing with minor flaws (e.g. tiny rips or stains) but are not able to pay out for clothes in this condition. We cannot accept clothing in unwearable condition. Clothing must be clean and free of strong odours. We cannot accept clothing from smoking households.

How does selling to you work?

Clothing will be collected locally, reviewed and priced, and then an offer will be made to the seller. If it's acceptable, an e-transfer will be paid out, otherwise all items will be returned to the seller. Item's that are not accepted to the store can be returned, donated, or used to create "play quality" bundles.

Why aren't there gendered sections?

Clothes are for everyone. Parents know what their kids will wear. Girls can wear race cars and dinosaurs. Boys can wear unicorns and flowers. Buy what your kids will love.

What's a "play quality" bundle?

We all know kids are hard on clothes, and some kids will stain and rip just about any piece of clothing you put on them. If this is your kid, a "play quality" bundle might be for you. These are clothes that are slightly imperfect—a small stain or rip—but still perfectly wearable, especially for kids who are likely to stain and rip everything they wear. These are bundles of one size and gender, sold for less than $1 per item ( to cover processing, packaging, etc). Due to supply there may not always be a bundle available.