Sell To Us

Do you have clothes your kids have outgrown? Sell to us! Here's how it works. We accept gently used clothes at our retail store, and make you an offer one what we'd like to take. Items should be free from stains or tears, and from a smoke-free home. We also appreciate if you can freshly wash any items that have been in storage longer than 6 months. Any items not accepted will be returned to you.

We ask that you limit your drop-off to 1 bin or up to 2 shopping-size bags, due to the limited space in the store.

You can take cash, 50% more in store credit, or double your amount as a donation to Green Haven Women's Shelter. Store credit can be used at any time, and both in store and online. For example, we may offer you $50 in cash, $75 in store credit, or $100 as a donation.

Check our social media feeds for what items, sizes, and seasons we are currently accepting.